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Long Sitting Harms Metabolism.. Is it real more than 8 hours?

Some might inquire “Does Long Sitting Harms Metabolism?” –Humans have adopted the habit of sitting for a long time.

But there are fundamental distinctions in how humans used their time when they were younger compared to today’s society.

While the amount of sedentary hours our forefathers had to endure daily might be comparable to the one we are experiencing in the present, they probably spent their time in more active non-ambulatory postures, like kneeling and squatting.

Long Sitting Harms Metabolism

These types of postures require the activation of muscles. In contrast sitting in a chair for a full eight-hour workday is not as active as imagined, per Healthcare.

Long Sitting Harms Metabolism
According to some historians, the first model of the chair first appeared in Scotland around 3200 B.C. Archaeologists have discovered houses inside Skara Brae, a Scottish settlement located in Skara Brae that suggested the inhabitants were sleeping on bed, eating in tables and seated at the earliest forms of seating according to the Design Institute of San Diego.

As time passed and humans started living more in the interior with technological advancements the seating options changed from simple benches and stools to more formal chairs with the backs of chairs and four legs as per The Denver Post.

Does Long Sitting Harm Metabolism?

The modern society is increasingly active to the point that it’s becoming risky.

The evidence is in the form of studies repeatedly proving that sitting for long periods of time could lead to serious health problems such as heart disease the type-2 diabetes and weight gain according to experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The term “metabolism” is of Greek origin, and comes from the word”metabole,” which means “change,” per Federation of European Biochemical Societies.

This is understandable, considering that metabolism refers to the complicated chemical reactions within the body, which occur when food items are converted into energy.

While you should take a nap each night but your metabolism is never asleep and is constantly providing your body with energy to perform vital functions like blood circulation, breathing digestion cell reparation, balance of hormones and the regulation of body temperature, as per Cleveland Clinic.

To explore more whether Long Sitting Harms Metabolism or not, Experts say that sitting for long periods reduces your metabolism, which may reduce your body’s ability control blood pressure and blood sugar, as per the U.K.’s National Health Service.

Also, it puts you at greater chance of developing cancer and heart disease according to Mayo Clinic.

Ways to prevent Long Sitting Harm Metabolism

To minimize these and other health risks, experts recommend easy ways to get moving. For instance, make sure to break of a half hour every so often even if it requires you to walk around while using the phone.

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Additionally, instead of sitting in the conference room, consider walking with your colleagues while you attend meetings.

If you are required to sit at a desk for the entire day, experts recommend using a standing desk. They you can also set an exercise track beneath your desk to plan your time moving.

By inquiring Long Sitting Harms Metabolism, You may know that making these, and other modifications that let you include more exercise into your day could be a significant factor in the burning of calories, maintaining your the tone of your muscles, and enhancing your mental health, according to Mayo Clinic.

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